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Tiffany & Co. Celebrate 130 Years of their Legendary Tiffany Setting.

We went into microscopic detail to celebrate the beauty of Tiffany & Co. diamonds. To celebrate this anniversary, director Dan Tobin Smith shot a beautifully simple and elegant spot displaying a Tiffany & Co. diamond worth over £250,000 under a microscope. By using a motion control camera system complete with microscopic lenses, Smith shot a real Tiffany & Co. diamond at extreme macro close up levels, with our team removing any microscopic dust particles present on the diamond in Flame, before further intensifying its clarity and beauty in the grade.

Miguel Wratten comments: “With the diamond being shot through a microscope, our clean-up process had to be especially precise. We removed the miniscule dust particles in Flame to allow the stunning look of the diamond to shine through clearly. It was a pleasure to work with Tiffany & Co. and to be able to take one of the world’s most beautiful objects and make it even more incredible.” Our Flame team then went on to add blue tinted overlays that further enhanced the look of the diamond, before adding the quintessential sparkle we all know so well.

Our colourist Oliver Gill, who balanced the contrast and colouring of the blue overlays and added contrast into the diamond itself to further intensify the beauty of the stone.

Russ Shaw, owner of Nice Biscuits, says: “Being part of an anniversary of such a well-respected and renowned brand was an honour. The level of precision we had to go into was extreme, but working with such an incredible object was a joy. The final product really presents the diamond and the Tiffany & Co. brand in the light they deserve.”

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