National Museum of Qatar

National Museum of Qatar

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Nice Biscuits goes large!

Hailed as the world’s biggest ever permanent video installation, Qatar’s new National Museum in Doha certainly features some impressive pieces of immersive content as well as breath-taking technology.

Nice Biscuits were delighted to be selected to post produce the 9-minute film at the heart of this historical exhibition and having worked on several super-size projects previously weren’t daunted by the task of post producing the film at a jumbo 8K resolution,

The film, directed by Peter Webber, is a dramatic and powerful portrait of the unification of the tribes of Qatar on the Qatari Peninsula under Sheik Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani. It encompasses the themes of tribal movements, war and battle, Al Wajba and unification and one people, one nation.

Showing in Gallery 8 of the Museum across a 15m x 7m wall, the audience view the film at just 3-4 metres. This full immersion meant it had to be produced at very high resolution and projected with ultra-fine detail, ensuring that no part of the image is subject to pixilation. This meant the multi-layer composites, which feature in every scene, had to remain live throughout the 9 months post production period whilst projection testing was carried out.

Post: Shoot supervision, multi-layer army replications, sky replacements, creation of cg birds and flags, landscape and settlement clean-up, full colour grading.

Shot on Red Helium.
Film supply 8192 x 4320 pixels, 12 bit for projection at 15 metres x 7 metres screen via 4 x 4K Panasonic laser projectors.
120TB of post production generated data.

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