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AMV BBDO launch the new Doritos Heatburst product with a series of commercial comparing eating Doritos Heatburst to owning a baby dragon. The commercial directed by Jeff Lowe and produced by Kwok Yau at Biscuits Filmworks follows the journey of a young man finding a baby dragon on his doorstep and through a series of vignettes following their relationships through its ups and downs.

The commercials and digital films were written and art directed by creatives Ferran Lopez and Enric Soldevila who developed the films to encompass an animatronic puppet for the dragon featured in both the digital films, directed by Lucie Beecham at Biscuit Filmworks and TV commercials directed by Jeff Lowe .

All elements were shot on set with Nice Biscuits Flame artist Nick Bennett supervising the demanding timing for the Digital and TV commercials. Commercials and films were graded by Ollie Gill at Nice Biscuits with a team of Nick Bennett with Miguel Wratten, Matt Butcher and Russ Shaw removing rigs, compositing fire plates and replacing packs and background clean up. The final shot of the hot air balloon was built as computer animation with CG artists Duncan Burch and Gavin Lester. Agency producer was Yvonne Clayton with films being edited at Work by Saam Hodivala. The commercials air from 4th March.

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