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Beauty products are a part of our everyday lives. From the shampoo we use in the morning, to the makeup remover at night, we all use them in one form or another. It’s crucial to make your brand stand out as the beauty industry is such a highly saturated market, full of competitors. However, making your brand stand out can be a tricky task. Nice Biscuits understands just how important a good brand campaign can be; especially in such a competitive market, to help our clients stand head and shoulders above the rest.

The brand campaign must be reflected in the edit. A fast edit, involving lots of quick cuts and busy shots, can be used to highlight the fast pace of city life and promote a product that has the endurance to last. Consumers situated in a busy city can relate to this lifestyle and the struggles of looking their best whilst constantly on the go, making the concept of the commercial relatable to the target audience. This is a key component when trying to get consumers to buy a product.

A much slower pace consisting of longer shots filmed at a higher frame rate, along with more close-ups, can be used to really emphasise the beautiful process of applying cosmetics products. It allows you to get extremely close within the shot, focusing on the process of actually applying the makeup and encouraging the viewer to take the time to appreciate the product being advertised, as well as the results it can have on their skin. Slower edits are often used to promote products found in your bathroom, such as: shampoos, bubble bath, face wash, and so on. This encourages a link to the soothing nature and the more relaxed experience involved when using the product.

The grade is one of the most important aspects of beauty commercials and it is not surprising why. The ability to manipulate the way an image looks and feels is crucial to bringing the whole edit together and giving the viewer a desire for more. Here at Nice Biscuits, we use DaVinci Resolve which gives us absolute control of the shot in hand; whether it’s isolating the lips to make them look brighter or tweaking the skin tones – so the subject doesn’t look too washed out. 

The level of attention and detail that goes in to shooting beauty products must be brought to life within the grade.

The finer details are finished in Flame during the online process. Beauty retouching is a very important part of the VFX process; when it comes to advertising makeup and cosmetics. Beauty products are designed to help us look our best therefore we need to: make sure any imperfections in how the makeup has been applied during the shoot has been addressed; remove any blemishes the subject may have; reduce any shine to their skin created by the studio lighting, all whilst maintaining a natural look. It’s very easy to push the beauty retouching too far. There is a fine balance between doing too much; resulting in the subject’s skin looking very artificial and unrealistic and doing too little; not achieving the desired look.

3D models can be used to aid beauty retouching; from completely rebuilding the subject’s eyelashes due to the makeup artist applying too much mascara, to replacing a nail because the client wanted them to look longer and healthier. The possibilities are endless!

Product packaging are more often than not, built as 3D models. Building the CG packs gives you complete control over how the product is lit, positioned within the frame, how it animates throughout the shot and ensures a premium look, without the risk of any creases or damages to the packaging. Once the 3D model has been built, it can then be re-used for any jobs or adaptations the client would like to make in the future; vastly saving on studio costs reshooting the packs all over again.

Consumers look to beauty products to help them feel and look their best, whilst giving them the ability to express themselves and their personality through cosmetics. When we feel good about how we look, our moods and emotions are reflected. We feel more confident in ourselves, happier and less self-conscious. The attention to detail in beauty commercials during Post-Production can result in a finished product that grabs the public’s attention and gives them the desire to go out and get it.

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case study on:

Rimmel London

Rimmel London is one of the world’s leading brands in makeup and cosmetics. Sponsoring celebrities such as: Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss, in order to promote and advertise their range; ensuring they remain one of London’s leading cosmetic brands, since founded in 1834. Nice Biscuits was approached to help deliver a high end commercial, consisting of extensive visual effects work, from start to finish; with the aim to demonstrate the benefits of Rimmel London’s “Lash Maxxx” mascara brush. 

The grade, executed in DaVinci Resolve, focused on creating a feeling of an intimate theatre, with a show taking place. A lot of time went into creating this stylised look, which can be personified in the opening shot. Here, we can see the table and chairs surrounding the stage have been darkened down, with only the candles emitting any kind of light. This matched with the spotlight angled toward the centre stage, helps guide the audience’s attention to where Kate Moss is about to make her entrance. The studio lighting along with the grade, have been perfectly balanced removing any distractions, ensuring Kate Moss stays the main focal point throughout the whole commercial; as would be the case if she was performing on stage. 

The VFX process, completed in Autodesk Flame, required extensive work on every shot: from rig removal, Beauty retouching, to compositing CG elements into live action plates. The wider shots, where we can see Kate Moss sitting on a swing, had harnesses securing her into position, high up from the ground. The harness had to be painted out from every shot, which was particularly tricky as she was travelling through varying lights and lens flares.  

Beauty retouching is a very important part of the VFX process, when it comes to advertising makeup and cosmetics. Beauty products are designed to help us look our best therefore we need to: make sure any imperfections in how the makeup has been applied during the shoot has been addressed; remove any blemishes the subject may have; reduce any shine to their skin created by the studio lighting, all whilst maintaining a natural look. It’s very easy to push the beauty retouching too farThere is a fine balance between doing too much; resulting in the subject’s skin looking very artificial and unrealistic and doing too little; not achieving the desired look.  

During the VFX process for this project, we were also tasked with adding new eye lashes to help create the feeling of the eye lashes looking fuller and more evenly fanned out. However, during the shoot, the makeup artists applied too much mascara resulting in a very thick and clumpy look. This made it very difficult to add perfectly straight eye lashes in between the ones already there, whilst maintaining a natural look. The solution was to completely paint out all her eye lashes before progressively adding in new CG ones, which helped give a more consistent and even look across all eye lashes, making them look naturally spread out; which is exactly what the Lash Maxxx mascara brush is designed to do. 

CG has been used throughout this job, from rebuilding the eye lashes, to compositing the Lash Maxxx pack shot into Kate Moss’ hand and demonstrating how the mascara brush divides and separates each individual eye lash. Imbedding these CG products into live scenes requires a lot of time including: finessing the textures of the modelsensuring the lighting on the CG models matches the environment; the colour tones are graded correctly to match the tones of its surroundingscreating shadows on the live action footage, as if they have naturally occurred from the lighting within the scene and finally the CG models are tracked in properly ensuring they match the move of the hand or the eye lashes match the speed and angel of the eye lids opening or closing. 

This was a challenging project for our VFX department as it required a lot of time and effort to get to the finished product. However, it is often the hardest jobs that prove to be the most rewarding. Seeing how far the commercial has come, from the beginning of the journey to the final delivery, not only makes all the hard work worth it, but has also resulted in a commercial we can all be proud to have been a part of. 

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